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“Older women don’t play games or cause drama like some of the younger girls do. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to tell you straight up.” – Chandler, 24

“Older women are sexy AF.” – Jacob, 24

“Age means nothing to me, if I am attracted to someone and we vibe, that’s all that matters.” – Andrew, 31

“If they are older AND married, then I can’t resist.” – Alex, 34

“I am afraid of older women, they scare me.” – Adam, 26

“I want to learn new things.” – Mike, 27

“I love MILF’s.” – Jerimiah, 32

“Older women are so beautiful and sexy.” – Blake, 27

“Older ladies can teach you things you didn’t know.” – Rob, 21

“I am intrigued by older women.” – Trent, 25

“I like older women because we can bond on a deeper level.” – Matthew, 37

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