Divorce Party – Embracing the Wild Side!

Hey, we’ve all noticed it – the insane number of break-ups, separations, and divorces these days. What the heck is going on with everyone being so damn unhappy in their relationships? But you know what? Screw that! Everyone deserves to be happy, and sometimes that means walking away. Counseling and hard work can be great, but when it’s time to say goodbye, it can bring a breath of fresh air and a shot at a new, exciting chapter in life.

Our friend Deb recently made that brave decision, and we couldn’t have been happier for her! Her scumbag of a husband kept cheating on her, making her feel like garbage. But trust us, she’s a stunning person inside and out, and she definitely didn’t deserve to be treated like that!  So, when she finally ditched that cheating bastard, we all celebrated like maniacs!

Deb’s life began to look brighter, and damn, she loved the freedom that came with it! With some professional therapy and a kick-ass support system (that’s us, her amazing friends), she weathered the tough times like a champ. And you know what? We knew she deserved a kick-ass party to properly mark the end of that toxic chapter in her life. So off to Vegas, we went to party like there’s no tomorrow!

How to throw a Divorce Party – Vegas Edition

Hell yeah, we were going to get silly in Vegas and leave our worries behind. But before we unleashed ourselves on the strip, we knew one thing: never attempt a night of heavy drinking on an empty stomach. Trust us, we’ve seen friends crash and burn, and that’s not a pretty sight.

We started out with a mouthwatering feast at Yellowtail. Their Tuna Pizza was a freakin’ revelation, and yeah, it might sound weird, but it ROCKED our taste buds to another dimension. Seriously, you’ve gotta try it!

To make sure Deb stood out and owned her newfound freedom, we decked her and the whole crew out with sashes, crowns, and yes, some phallic goodies. Haters gonna hate, but who cares? We were there to have a blast and raise some eyebrows. Deb’s “just divorced” sash attracted all sorts of attention, and damn, she deserved all the love she got. Hands-on or not, young or old, those newfound suitors were all about her, and we can all agree that Australian accents are just plain sexy!

Time to Get Wild – Game Time

No epic Divorce Party is complete without some edgy party games. So we unleashed the beasts and played a round of downright questionable and slightly inappropriate dares. Truth? Who needs that when you can see how far your friends are willing to go with some daring challenges?

Round 1 started tame, with fake accents and blowing kisses to strangers, but we cranked up the heat in Round 2. Texting “you up?” to past hook-ups (oopsies) and throwing out pick-up lines like pros had us all in stitches. And yeah, some damage control was necessary, but who cares? We were living our best lives!

Our favorite dare had to be when Tallulah drew, “Put your clothes on inside out and wear it that way for the rest of the night.” This. Was. Epic. She acquired some fans in the bathroom, and they ended up joining our little game. This amped things up a bit as the dares were getting more and more outrageous!

By the last round, we were getting piggyback rides, were middle school awkward slow-dancing, and proving to strangers we could fit our entire fists in our mouths! We got a lot of stares and questions at this time…..

Excuse me sir, do you know the Eye Game?

One of our crew dropped a spontaneous game on us called: The Eye Game. She totally made it up on the spot and was dead ass outraged that we’d never heard of it, but we rolled with it.  So, we hit the streets, asking a very lovely young man if he knew how to play. And he was all like, “AYE!”  Touché, dude. Touché.

The Eye Game turned into a psychological experiment, as holding eye contact with total strangers for 5 seconds was no easy feat. We could visibly see the uncomfortableness on their faces. But we kept score and even added extra points for some hilarious interactions. People were dying to know what the heck we were doing, and that led to some epic connections. We even roped in a bachelor group with unicorn crowns who shared our love for cheese and corn on the cob. Talk about unexpected friendships!

Bottom line, these games were all about getting out there, ditching our phones, and making real connections with some intriguing people. Life’s too damn short to take things too seriously, so we let loose, had a blast, and celebrated Deb’s fresh start like champs!



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