When our kids went off to college, we felt a little lost.  We experienced such a mix of emotions…we were proud and happy for our brand-new adults, but also super sad as they left such a hole in our lives. We had spent the last 2o years focusing all our energy and time on these kiddos and their activities, we kinda lost who WE were.

We sat there and thought, “well, what the hell do we do now?” Who are we?? What do we really WANT to do?

Ok, so some people refer to this as a mid-life crisis, but we like to look at it as an opportunity for reinvention.  That can mean different things for everyone.  The focus now can be a time for self-care, self-discovery, and self-love (and of course calling to check on the kiddos once or seven times a week).

We reached out and grabbed some of our most adventurous gal pals and took to the streets! We started small, with fun outings and dinners.  Then we thought, why not go away for a long girl’s weekend?  I mean duh what took us so long….

We hit places like Kohler and Grand Geneva for relaxing spa-time & then Vegas and Nashville for a little wilder kinda fun. By sharing our experiences, more ladies asked to join us, and as always, we welcome all.

So. Here we are…

We are from the Chicago and Milwaukee areas and are currently working on creating fun events and outings throughout both. We are always looking for new and exciting places to explore. We have funny stories to share on our blog and tips for what products and services really work to keep us looking and feeling our BEST! Check out our silly and maybe a little outrageous merch on our site!

Whether you’re looking to re-connect with old friends, make some new connections, challenge yourself with a new adventure, or just want to check some items off your bucket list, you’re in the right place.  WE GOT YOU COVERED.



Eden & Michele

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