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We created Best Revenge as a place for everyone and anyone who is looking for ways to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE! The ultimate revenge is empowering ourselves in ways that we can wake up every morning feeling amazing and excited about the possibilities of what the day may hold. Toxic relationships, traumatic events, feelings of not being good enough, or worth enough can mess with how we view the world and ourselves. But YOU are enough, and together we will create ways to change our mindsets and find the joy in everyday experiences. And that our friends, is the BEST REVENGE.







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“Older women don’t play games or cause drama like some of the younger girls do. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to tell you straight up.” – Chandler, 24

“Older women are sexy AF.” – Jacob, 24

“Age means nothing to me, if I am attracted to someone and we vibe, that’s all that matters.” – Andrew, 31

“If they are older AND married, then I can’t resist.” – Alex, 34

“I am afraid of older women, they scare me.” – Adam, 26

“I want to learn new things.” – Mike, 27

“I love MILF’s.” – Jerimiah, 32

“Older women are so beautiful and sexy.” – Blake, 27

“Older ladies can teach you things you didn’t know.” – Rob, 21

“I am intrigued by older women.” – Trent, 25

“I like older women because we can bond on a deeper level.” – Matthew, 37

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